On Colwood Plain

Connell heads out to the West Shore to explore the landscape of late Fall. Focusing on fungus, he also takes in some of the recent human history of the region along the way and considers the curious landforms known as “kettles”. From the Victoria Daily Colonist, November 28, 1937- It is the eve of ourContinue reading “On Colwood Plain”

On Willows Prairie

Connell takes us along on a ramble across a remnant of the swampy grasslands and oak prairies that once covered much of the Victoria region. From the Victoria Daily Colonist, Oct. 3rd, 1937- The other morning I took a stroll through one of the still vacant sections of Victoria’s old prairie. It lies north ofContinue reading “On Willows Prairie”

“Sweetest of All Things”

This article is Reverend Connell’s ode to springtime in Victoria, to the native plants and flowers of the region, and to all life of the botanical realm in general. Strongly reflecting Connell’s own British roots, it is also an ode to one of his literary and philosophical mentors and inspirations, the English nature writer RichardContinue reading ““Sweetest of All Things””