Through Pemberton Woods in May

Connell visits Pemberton Woods, a remnant of ancient woodland in what is now the Fairfield-Gonzales neighborhood of Victoria, paying particular attention to the wide range of birdlife he encounters there. From the Victoria Daily Colonist, May 17, 1942- The fancy took me the other evening to stroll over to the Pemberton Woods which, as manyContinue reading “Through Pemberton Woods in May”

Telegraph Road to Cowichan Head

From the Victoria Daily Colonist, April 28th, 1940- Across the highway from Keating Hall a road runs downhill to the east and an elderly signboard still bears the inscription: “Telegraph Road”. This is the way to the seashore at Island View Park. It drops rather steeply from the long gravelly ridge followed by the highwayContinue reading “Telegraph Road to Cowichan Head”

Wisdom Among Wild Fruits

Here Connell takes a comprehensive look at the wild fruits – and especially the wild berries – of the Southern Vancouver Island. “Berrying in the hills is a psychological phenomenon, an expression of country love and the desire to get back to old Mother Earth and her direct products.” From the Victoria Daily Colonist, NovemberContinue reading “Wisdom Among Wild Fruits”

Changed and Changing Countryside

Connell takes a nostalgic look back at the built and natural landscapes of Victoria and Saanich as they were during his first years on the West Coast in the early 1900s, with a focus on the region around Cedar Hill Cross Road and the Shelbourne Valley. From the Victoria Colonist, August 20th, 1939- “Believe itContinue reading “Changed and Changing Countryside”

By A Nameless Stream

In March of 1943 Reverend Connell went for a ramble along what was for him a “nameless stream”- now known as Blenkinsop Creek- on what was then the edge of town. In this article he gives us a glimpse of the recent history of the area between Blenkinsop and Swan Lakes, as well as someContinue reading “By A Nameless Stream”